The Dwarven Kingdom of Ceorther

This nation is one of the largest in the World. It is by far the richest in mineral wealth. They have become staunch traditionalists and strict isolationists over the last millennium. Nearly all of the dwarven population lives underground. They maintain trade with Ostai only out of necessity due to their shortage of arable land. A long-standing ‘Ceorther for Dwarves’ policy makes staying permanently in any part of the nation difficult for any non-dwarf. Even those dwarves who leave their mountainous home are looked at with suspicion and considered by many to no longer be ‘true’ dwarves. These ‘surface’ dwarves are only tolerated because they are also the only conduit through which the nation is able to trade for the food and other supplies needed to continue living beneath the mountains. In a surprise move to many, after several millennium of friendship with their Gnomish neighbors, Ceorther has recently begun a campaign of war against Gnomina, apparently so as to control the rest of the the giant mountain range that the two nations share. Thus far, it is only the Gnomish art of combining technology and magic that has held the dwarven armies at bay, but it is believed that the dwarves’ superior numbers will soon overwhelm their Gnomish neighbors.

The capital city, is called Vidoon, and is located inside of a large mountain in the Great Spine mountain range. Long ago, before the current isolationist movement, efforts were made to make sure that all of the intelligent races would be able to have full access to the city. Even Ogres rarely have to duck inside the older sections of Vidoon. Newer construction, however, has not continued with this tradition.

The permanent population is about 95% Dwarf, and the other 5% is made up of roughly equal proportions of the other races, all living outside of the mountains, in the few ‘outside’ settlements, where the isolationist feelings are not quite as strong. Only dwarves, however, are granted citizenship. All others must gain visas to stay in the nation for more than a month, and even those staying less than a month must register their presence with the proper authorities or risk summary expulsion upon discovery. It is nearly impossible to obtain a permanent visa. Any non-dwarf caught inside a mountain city, except for inside special antechambers especially built for the purpose of meeting with non-dwarves, may be killed on sight.

This large, wealthy nation trades largely just for the food it needs to survive. Its main exports are metals, both precious and non-precious.

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