Character Creation

Character Creation Notes/Rules

Using BESM d20:

  • Starting Level: 5
  • Discretionary Character Points: 50
  • Unlimited Defects
  • All characters will use the ‘Adventurer’ class, with the addition of 1 character point per level. As such, all non-combat skills are considered class skills, while all combat skills are cross class.
  • When determining hit points, re-roll 1s for d4s and re-roll 1s and 2s for all other hit die sizes.
  • If you wish, you may substitute a larger hit die than the Adventurer class’s d4 for a cost of half a character point per step up (max of d12).
  • First hit die is automatically max hit points.
  • If you want to play a ‘normal’ humanoid race, choose a Race. You can also choose to play anything that will fit into a fantasy realm, such as a Golem or extra-planar being. (No space aliens or ‘normal’ humanoid race other than those listed)
  • Limited Halfbreeding Possible. Dwarves,Vaati, Pixies and Ogres cannot crossbreed. Dwarves, Vaati, and Ogres were all created by ‘Lawful’ deities, and were made so that no ‘impurities’ could happen, even with magic. Pixies simply do not reproduce in the same way as other races (See their page for details). No Halfbreed can breed at all, so no quarterbreeds or “mutts”, and halfbreeds will generally be more likely to have some genetic disease or deformity. GM will determine half-breed racial package as needed.
  • For spells, Use the ‘Magic’ Attribute. The ‘Dynamic Sorcery’ attribute will not be used.
  • Note that ‘Magic’ is divided into Arcane, Divine, and Psionic. It is possible to do the same things with any of them, but they just have different special effects, and any Detects (Sixth Sense), Dispels, etc… must be defined as to which category they effect. (example: Detect Magic would be either Detect Arcane, Detect Divine, or Detect Psionic) It is possible to define a power as effecting all three, but that would be a large category, and would cost more to do.
  • Any ‘supernatural’ abilities must be defined as Arcane, Psionic, or Divine magic.
  • As an option, a character may choose a deity to follow and be their patron. Each deity grants a small bonus of some sort (worth 1 character point) to all faithful followers. This is not paid for with character points.
  • Any Divine caster must choose one of the listed deities.
  • No PC may start as a worshiper of one of the 3 evil deities. Rules for building such a character is included for completeness, and to help the GM design any evil NPCs of that type. A PC that, for whatever reason, (permanently) becomes a worshiper of an evil deity, will become an NPC.
  • All PCs start with Common (Trade Tongue) plus their native language, which you may choose, according to your place of origin. Other free languages may be chosen according to your INT modifier, if any. Skill points may be spent to acquire additional languages, if desired.
  • Languages: One for each nation plus Celestial, Arcane, and Abyssal.
  • I should hope this one is obvious, but please only use Attributes and skills appropriate to a fantasy setting. A small amount of somewhat higher-than-medieval technology does exist, but only in the Gnomish lands, and it is mainly a primitive steampunk technology which incorporates Arcane and Psionic magic.

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Character Creation

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