The Deities

Life, Universe, and Everything: Where did it all come from?

The Deities:

  • Caithyra, The All-Mother, Goddess of Nature (Neutral)
  • Smonn, God of Knowledge (Lawful Neutral)
  • Lalphaw, Goddess of Magic (Chaotic Neutral)
  • Tachir, God of Life (Neutral Good)
  • Koloka, Goddess of Defense (Lawful Good)
  • Alinys, Goddess of Luck (Chaotic Good)
  • Halit, Goddess of Death (Neutral Evil)
  • Torowe, God of War (Lawful Evil)
  • Vicdak, God of Trickery (Chaotic Evil)

Note that characters do not actually have an ‘alignment’ per se. The ones listed here are only to give a general idea of a deity’s general attitude and motivations. Their followers are in no way bound to act as if they have these alignments, though priests and paladins will likely have certain strictures on behavior, and acting in a way that completely goes against your deity’s ‘alignment’ increases the risk that the deity will withdraw the bonus below.

Each deity gives a free (no character point cost) bonus to his or her followers. Each of these bonuses are worth 1 character point. These can be withdrawn at any time, though, if the character ‘pisses off’ their patron deity.

A character may also be an Atheist and choose to reject all of the deities, either not believing that they exist, or rejecting them all as a force in their lives. These characters gain a minor resistance to Divine Magic (+3 Defense and Saves vs Divine Magic) at no character point cost.

Agnostic characters gain no bonus, since they have neither chosen just one deity, but also have not rejected them.

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