The Kingdom of Gnomina

The Gnomish kingdom of Gnomina is slightly more technologically advanced than most of The World. This nation tends to be somewhat more isolated than most, largely due to its single remote underground mountain city and lack of large ports, though the country does have several small coastal towns and villages. The gnomes also did not make very many provisions to allow for larger races within their one major city, making it inconvenient for any race of ‘human’ size to come into the city. Ogres find it practically impossible to go any real distance into the city without starting to knock down walls. Thanks to their isolated state, and near impregnability of their mountainous homes, they have no particular enemies among the other nations of The World, until recently.

In a surprise move to many, after several millennium of friendship with their Gnomish neighbors, Ceorther has recently begun a campaign of war against Gnomina, apparently so as to control the rest of the the giant mountain range that the two nations share. Thus far, it is only the Gnomish art of combining technology and magic that has held the dwarven armies at bay, but it is believed that the dwarves’ superior numbers will soon overwhelm their Gnomish neighbors. Because of this, Gnomina has begun a campaign to gather allies and gain the support of whoever they can. They have already managed to gain an alliance with Safehome and more recently has struck up friendly relations with the budding Asgoth nation that appears to have a very real chance of becoming another alliance. Elsewhere in the world, the Gnomes have found a certain reluctance to get involved, and in many cases, they have found that nations have come to resent their more recent isolationist policy due to the loss in trade for Gnomish magitech artifacts, which many nations feel would have helped greatly in their own recent troubles. Gnomish ambassadors, however, are working furiously to overcome the bad feelings and gain assistance in fighting off the dwarven invasion.

The capital (and only) city, is called Gnomina City. The rest of the small nation is divided into counties and baronies, normally with a large town as the seat of a county, and smaller towns as the seat of a barony. While the nation is a kingdom, and as such ruled by a king, any decisions of above a certain significance must be ratified by a parliament made up of all the Counts of the nation, much like the government of Iphily. It is unclear as to whether this system was developed independently, or if one of the two nations modeled it after the other.

The population is about 90% Gnome, 3% Halfling, 3% Dwarf, 3% Goblin, and only 1% other races.

The small nation is largely self-sufficient, and there is not that much trade with other nations, though there is some, more to help maintain their friendly relations than out of any particular need.

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