The Democracy of Ostai

The nation of Ostai, which means Collective in the language of the Vaati, is not a particularly large nation, but yet is the oldest in The World, due to the Vaati’s strong natural affinity for order. The Vaati natural ability with Psionics makes it possible for the nation to be the only true democracy in The World. Votes are held regularly for every significant ruling, and the results of each region’s vote can be sent via mind link instantly to the proper representative in the capital, who then reports the results to the Vote Taker, who then calculates the total popular vote in order to reach a decision. There is no one ruler of any sort, only various government positions. All minor decisions are made by the person in the appropriate office according to established procedure, while all major decisions are made by popular vote. All adult Vaati may vote, though those away from Ostai would be unable to unless they have their own means of mentally communicating with their own representative, though the ability to establish a mind link is not an uncommon one among the Vaati. Ostai maintains a policy of strict neutrality with all nations, neither giving any special favors nor penalties to any nation. The only exception would be in the case of self-defense if another nation were to try to attack Ostai, though it is very rare when a nation is foolish enough to try, as the Vaati are formidable when roused. Due to this strict neutrality, and central location, Ostai is a gathering place for all of the races.

The law is as nearly absolute as it is possible to be for any society of free-willed beings. Laws are very strict and enforced efficiently, and sometimes ruthlessly, but without prejudice (in as much as it’s possible for that to be). There is also very little chance of any sort of appeal or allowance for mitigating factors.

The capital (and only) city, is called Vaa. The rest of the nation is made up of varying sizes of towns and villages. It is very rare to find a Vaati living alone away from all other Vaati.

The population is about 60% Vaati, the other 40% is made up of roughly equal proportions other races. Only Vaati are considered to be a full part of the collective, but all others are still given full protection under the law, and are treated equally, except for the right to vote.

The nation is largely self-sufficient, but trade is extensive, and the nation often acts as a gathering place and go-between for other nations.

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