BESM d20 Package

Attribute Value
5’ Base Movement -3
-10 STR -5
+6 DEX 3
-2 CON -1
+4 AC 8
+4 Base Attack Bonus 12
Flight (18’/round) 4
Sixth Sense: Arcane Magic 1
+6 Defense & saves vs Psionic Magic 2
Long Lifespan: 1200 years 1
+8 Stealth 2
Arcane Aura (Detectable to Detect Arcane Magic) -1
Ism: Sizeism (Pixies are never taken seriously) -2
Easily Distracted: Severe ADHD as a race -3
Total 19

Final Cost: 13

Description: Pixies are the smallest, and most magical of the intelligent races. Their tiny bodies are frail compared to the other intelligent races, but their agility, natural aptitude for magic, and ability to hide almost anywhere more than make up for it. Pixies are one of the few races that have no large civilization. The largest group of pixies one might come across would be a village of a hundred or so. This is not to say that they are at all primitive or unsophisticated. They simply do not bother with all the piddling organizational problems involved in having their own civilization when all the other races have so obligingly provided their own civilizations for the pixies to use. It is just as common to find a village of pixies living inside some building in a city as to find one out in the woods. It is even more common to find a pixie by themselves, as even a village is a little too ‘settled’ for most pixies. Pixies also seem to have a special affinity for Ogres as well. An ogre’s simple mind and large body can be a perfect complement to the pixie’s sharp wit and powerful magic. An adventuring team of an Ogre and a Pixie is a common sight in city taverns.

On Pixie Reproduction: Pixies do not reproduce in the same way that other humanoids do. They do not have a true male and female of the species, but an individual pixie can be either gender or both or neither at any given time. When a pair (or more) of pixies feel the desire to mate, they choose whether they want to be the egg producer or the fertilizer (or both in some cases, particularly if there are more than two pixies involved). The egg producer then grows the eggs in “her” chest, two at a time, where they resemble what would be breasts in another humanoid race, only without nipples. This is the only time that a pixie will appear female to a non-pixie eye. At all other times, they appear sexless. So if you ever see an apparently female pixie, it is a good bet that there is someone nearby that “she” would very much like to mate with, and it’s not always another pixie, even though it is impossible for a pixie to mate with a non-pixie, and not just because of size issues (because a simple spell could correct that). A pixie’s sexual organs are not normally visible, except when actually in use, and are not in the same place as they are in another humanoid. No one knows exactly what form the ‘male’ organs take or exactly how the eggs become fertilized, but there have been many times that a pixie has been observed to blush furiously or get overly excited at the sight of a kiss. Once the eggs are fertilized, they develop further for a time until the mother releases them from her body, and stows them somewhere safe. Most of the time, she will try to find a pixie community somewhere where every pixie will protect and care for the children, but if she is unable to do so in time, she will simply hide the eggs and guard them herself until they hatch and then care for them until they are able to travel to the nearest pixie community, where they join and the children become part of the community as if they had hatched there. It is extremely rare for a mother pixie to choose not to have her children raised by a community, and pixie children raised apart tend to be strange, even for pixies, when they grow up.

A note to all pixies and those involved with them:
The coming of spring, among pixies, is called the Glittertime, a festival of renewal and rebirth. It signifies the regeneration of the race’s primary food sources, as well as the start of the mating season. Whatever other celebrations the whim folk may conjure for themselves, the characterizing trait is that pixies produce a extensive amount of magic powder from their wings at this time. The race as a whole is eternally proud of the masses of sparkling pixie dust that cover Iphily at this time, which culminates in an unparalleled celebration as the strong winds of the midseason season blow the glitter into the sea in majestic clouds.
Pixie dust, while not directly part of the mating process, is nonetheless a part of the courtship ritual. Each pixie creates a different kind, unique as a fingerprint, and each with small magical properties that defy documentation. To an extent, pixies are attracted to one another by the properties of their dusts.
These properties do not affect the larger races, though some have found uses for the particles in alchemy and spell components, making this, for wizards and soothsayers, a time of harvest.
To all pixies, a Gleeful Glittertime! To all other races, a happy harvest and festival. And to travelers with pixie companions, if you don’t like your garments to sparkle, you should either get new friends or a change of clothes.

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