The Republic of Safehome

This nation, largely made up of Halflings, was once considered part of the Senpol Empire, but long ago gained its independence through neglect. During a previous time of difficulty with the empire, this small area of land was left to fend for itself, which it did with little fuss or bother, since the empire had never had need to exert much force with the easy-going halflings and so had allowed them semi-autonomous rule in the first place. By the time the empire had recovered enough to re-annex the halfling nation, it was already too well established to do so, and since the fall of the empire, many of the inhabitants have begun to drift further into the former empire’s lands, though there has been no organized push to annex any of the land into Safehome itself. While their lands have suffered similar degradation to the rest of the world, the quiet toughness of the halflings shows itself in an attitude of stoic acceptance of their situation.

The capital (and only) city, is called Coasthome. The rest of the small nation is settled by mostly just villages, with a few small towns.

The population is about 75% Halfling, 10% Human, 10% Gnome, and 5% other races.

The small nation is largely self-sufficient, and trade has gradually declined in recent centuries until now, it is a rarity to see a foreign ship enter their harbors.

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