The Goddess of Luck

  • Divine Spells from Alinys tend to effect chance and/or luck.
  • Clerics and Paladins of Alinys may take Turn Undead. It works to turn or destroy undead.
  • All followers of Alinys, regardless of class, gain 1 rank of the Divine Relationship attribute. This may be taken away at any time if Alinys is displeased, or the character ceases to worship Alinys.

Alinys, the goddess of Luck, is also known as The Luckbringer or simply, Lady Luck. She was created by Caithyra using the essences of Tachir, God of Life, and Lalphaw, Goddess of Magic. As such, she combines and embodies the forces of Good and Chaos in one being.

The Luckbringer’s symbol is a silver coin with a female elvish face on the heads side, and, if an actual coin, a pair of dice are on the tails side.


The goddess most commonly appears in the form of a kindly elvish woman dressed in rich garments. Like all the gods, she has no eyes. In their place are two coins, one showing heads, the other tails.

Duties of the Priesthood

Clerics and Paladins of Lady Luck revere chance. In fact her temples tend to either double as casinos, or have illicit games played in the streets and alleys around the temples, or both. Her followers also tend to be risk-takers, trusting in the goddess’s protection to see them through.

It is not unusual to see a follower of Alinys taking out a coin and flipping it, or using some other form of random chance to make decisions, as they believe that the goddess will use such devices to guide her followers to where they are most needed.


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