The Goddess Of Nature, and creator of the Universe

  • Divine Spells from Caithyra tend to deal with Nature.
  • Clerics and Paladins of Caithyra (aka Druids and Rangers) may not take the Turn Undead Talent.
  • All followers of Caithyra, regardless of class, gain +4 Handle Animal checks. This can be removed at any time if Caithyra is displeased or if the character ceases to worship Caithyra.

Caithyra, the goddess of Nature, is also known as The All-Mother or Gaia. Caithyra was the first being in existence, and directly or indirectly created all the other deities, and is the main orchestrator for The World.

The All-Mother’s symbol is a simple circle.


The goddess most commonly appears in the form of an elderly human woman in plain brown robes and carrying a staff with living twigs growing out of it. Like all the gods, she has no eyes. In their place, a starfield can be seen. It is believed that if one were to look deeply into her eyes, one could see the entirety of creation.

Duties of the Priesthood

Clerics and Paladins of Gaia are dedicated to protecting nature, in all its forms, and will attempt to keep things in balance at all times. Clerics of Caithyra are also called Druids by some, while the Paladins of Caithyra are also known as Rangers.


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