The Goddess of Death, the embodiment of Evil

  • Divine spells from Halit tends to deal with Necromancy and ‘black magic.’
  • Priests and Paladins of Halit may use Turn Undead to cow or control undead.
  • All followers of Halit, regardless of class, gain Sixth Sense (Spirits). This may be taken away at any time if Halit is displeased, or the character ceases to worship Halit.

Halit, the goddess of Death, is also known as The Withering Claw or, simply, Death. Halit is the cosmic counterpart to Tachir. Where Tachir governs Life, Halit governs Death. They also hate each other with a passion that has burned for aeons. It is thought that they are, in fact, brother and sister; the twin children of Smonn and Lalphaw whose birth began the cycle of life and death.

Death’s symbol is a skeletal hand.


The goddess most commonly appears in the form of a beautiful woman, draped head to toe in a black, hooded robe. She wields no weapon, but her right hand is skeletal, and she can kill with a mere touch. She always appears to be the race of whoever sees her. Like all the gods, she has no eyes. In their place, a desolate, forbidding land can be seen. Some say that this is the place where evil souls go when their time on this plane is ended.

Duties of the Priesthood

Clerics and Paladins of Halit are second only to the followers of Vicdak as the most hated and feared priests. But where the Trickster’s followers are assassins and betrayers, the Withering Claw’s followers are more subtle in their evil, but no less destructive.

They are the exact opposite of the followers of Tachir, the Soothing Hand, the god of Life. Where the Healer’s followers seek to heal and soothe, the followers of Death bring disease and pain everywhere they go. They also readily deal with the undead and can control them easier than any other priests, to the point where they are often called the Necromancers.


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