The Goddess of Defense

  • Divine Spells from Koloka tend to be defensive or enhancing.
  • Priests of Koloka are able to take Turn Undead to turn or destroy undead.
  • All followers of Koloka, regardless of class, gain +2 to any defensive Combat Skill’s checks (chosen when first gained, and cannot be changed thereafter). This may be taken away at any time if Koloka is displeased, or the character ceases to worship Koloka.

Lady Koloka, the goddess of Defense, is also known as The Golden Lady or simply, The Lady. Caithyra created her from the essences of Smonn, God of Knowledge and Order, and Tachir, God of Life, and as such embodies the essence of Order and Good.

The Lady’s symbol is a golden tower shield.


The goddess most commonly appears in the form of a handsome dwarvish woman garbed in gleaming golden plate mail and wielding a sword immolated with a brilliant white flame, and holding a gleaming tower shield that matches her golden plate mail. Like all the gods, she has no eyes. In their place are golden orbs.

Duties of the Priesthood

Clerics and Paladins of The Lady often act as guardians and war advisers. High ranking followers of Koloka can normally be found in or near the local seat of government. In fact, it is not uncommon for the king of a nation to be a Paladin of Koloka, and his main adviser to also be the nation’s high priest.

The Golden Lady’s followers are dedicated to the defense of their charge, whether that be the nation itself, or simply a group of orphans in their care. Once they find something worthy of their protection, they will defend it with every available resource, including their own life, if needed.

Her followers will never willingly become the aggressor in a war, though they do know the value of a good offense in a good defense. A nation that follows Koloka will always be an excellent neighbor, for they will never invade your country, and if your land is threatened by another, they will always come to your defense, no matter what the cost.


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