The Goddess of Magic, the embodiment of Chaos

  • Divine Spells from Lalphaw are defined as Arcane instead of Divine, as she is the embodiment of Arcane magic.
  • Clerics and Paladins of Lalphaw cannot take the Turn Undead Talent.
  • Clerics and Paladins of Lalphaw can never use any Psionic powers or items (2 BP Defect).
  • All followers of Lalphaw, regardless of class, gain +4 to Power Usage: Magic skill checks. This may be taken away at any time if Lalphaw is displeased, or the character ceases to worship Lalphaw.

Lalphaw, the goddess of Magic, is also known as The Mage or The Everchanging. Smonn and Lalphaw are thought to be the first beings created by Caithyra, and the first lovers. It is said that the universe came about as the result of their lovemaking and their battles. It is thought that if either Smonn or Lalphaw were to cease to exist, so would the universe, as both the forces of order AND chaos are needed to keep things moving without destroying themselves.

The Everchanging’s symbol is different for every follower. Many followers will even change their symbol several times during their lifetime.


The goddess has no common form in which she appears. As the embodiment of Chaos, her appearance is different every time she manifests. Indeed, her form will often change many times during a manifestation, though she is always female in appearance and she tends to favor the form of a pixie. No matter what form she takes, like all the gods, she has no eyes. In their place, a constantly color-shifting mist is all that can be seen.

Duties of the Priesthood

Clerics and Paladins of The Everchanging are the most unpredictable group in all the realms. One minute they may be healing the sick, the next they could just as likely be maiming small animals. They have no duties, per se, except a general goal to ‘promote magic’. They also have no concept of a hierarchy. Each priest finds their own way to serve the goddess, and answers to no one but themselves.

The Mage’s followers love the often unpredictable force called magic, and will often also be powerful mages. Many of her followers are believed to be insane, as their constantly changing actions make little or no sense to most others.


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