The God of War

  • Divine spells from Torowe tend to be aggressive in nature.
  • Clerics and Paladins of Torowe may take Turn Undead. It works to cow or control undead.
  • All followers of Torowe, regardless of class, gain +2 to any one offensive Combat Skill’s checks (chosen when first gained, and cannot be changed thereafter). This may be taken away at any time if Torowe is displeased, or the character ceases to worship Torowe.

Torowe, the god of War, is also known as The Black Knight or The Brute. He was created by Caithyra from the essences of Smonn, God of Knowledge, and Halit, Goddess of Death, and as such combines and embodies the essences of Order and Evil.

The Brute’s symbol is a bloodstained gauntleted fist.


The god most commonly appears in the form of a huge Ogre in full plate mail of the darkest black with blood stains all over it and wielding a bloody black spiked mace. Like all the gods, he has no eyes. In their place, scenes of battle can always be seen.

Duties of the Priesthood

Clerics and Paladins of The Black Knight are the worst of tyrants and the bureaucratic servants of tyrants. They are the worst of warmongers, seeking any excuse to conquer, while still staying within the letter of the law. They care about tradition, loyalty, and order, but not freedom, dignity or life.

They especially hate the followers of, or anything to do with, Alinys, who is Torowe’s arch-nemesis. Anything they find which Alinys’ followers have built or treasure, they will be sure to do anything they can to tear it down, steal it or destroy it.

Nations that follow Torowe are always looking to invade their weaker neighbors, and will exploit every weakness they can find in order to conquer.


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