The God of Trickery

  • Divine Spells from Vicdak tend to deal with darkness, trickery, and treachery.
  • Clerics and Paladins of Vicdak may take Turn Undead. It works to cow or control undead.
  • All followers of Vicdak, regardless of class, gain +1 damage with a single weapon type or Special Attack (chosen when first gained, and cannot be changed thereafter). This may be taken away at any time if Vicdak is displeased, or the character ceases to worship Vicdak.

Vicdak, the god of Trickery, is also known as The Trickster or The Betrayer. He was created by Caithyra using the essences of Halit, Goddess of Death, and Lalphaw, Goddess of Magic. As such, he combines and embodies the forces of Evil and Chaos in one being.

The Betrayer’s symbol is a dagger dripping with poison.


The god most commonly appears in the form of a large Goblin in a concealing hooded cloak, wielding a wicked-looking poisoned dagger. Like all the gods, he has no eyes. In their place,an everburning fire exists.

Any mortal who touches the poison of Vicdak’s dagger will die a slow and painful death, while in a catatonic state that mimics death until the true death comes. The victim is conscious the entire time while they are destroyed from the inside out, and possibly buried alive by those around them, believing the victim to already be dead.

Duties of the Priesthood

Clerics and Paladins of The Trickster are some of the most feared and despised of all the Clergy. They are the worst of thieves, betrayers, and murderers. They care for little more than themselves, and will gladly destroy anyone or anything that gets in their way, or just happens to catch their eye.

They are the antithesis of the followers of Koloka, who is Vicdak’s opposite. Many of the Betrayer’s followers take a special pleasure in destroying or stealing things the followers of Koloka hold dear, or of destroying her followers themselves. Fortunately, just like predators in the wild, they also tend to be cowards and will run in the face of anything that could hurt them, or they can’t crush immediately.

Followers of Vicdak are often employed as assassins, and tend to be quite good at this profession. Many of the nastiest thieves and thugs also call The Trickster their patron.


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