Here are the possible languages in The World, (with nations/regions where spoken):

Trade Tongue (Common)
Lemeth (Lemther)
Senpolese (Asgoth, Safehome, and Former Senpol region)
Gnomish (Gnomina)
Ceorthish (Ceorther)
Ostine (Ostai)
Oogish (Kün)
Gobbledegook (Goblin population of Kün)
Eldlan (Iphily and Kysofiti)
Pixilian (Pixies of any region)
Arcane (Alaron, ‘neutral’ planes, language of arcane and neutral divine magic)
Celestial (‘good’ planes, language of good divine magic)
Infernal (‘evil’ planes, language of evil divine magic)

For the last three, even without spending skill points, casters of any type of magic have a very basic knowledge of their appropriate language. (the exception being Psionic magic, which does not have its own language)

PCs begin with Trade Tongue (Common) and one language, which is their native language. The character may also have ‘free’ languages up to their INT bonus. Each language thereafter is 1 skill point.

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